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English words ending with "rn"

acorn, adjourn, adorn, alatern, alburn, aldern, alpenhorn, alphorn, altern, althorn, amelcorn, anorn, astern, attorn, auburn, avercorn, awarn, azurn, bairn, barleycorn, barn, baseborn, bearn, bemourn, bescorn, betorn, bickern, bicorn, biforn, bighorn, bittern, blackthorn, born, bourn, boxthorn, breadcorn, buckthorn, bullhorn, burn, caburn, cairn, capricorn, carbarn, careworn, casern, cavern, cavicorn, cedarn, chaffern, churn, cistern, cithern, cittern, clavicorn, coehorn, cohorn, concern, corn, cothurn, counterturn, darn, deadborn, dearborn, dearn, decern, dehorn, dern, deturn, disadorn, discern, dishorn, disturn, diswarn, dorn, downturn, durn, earn, earthborn, eastern, eldern, ern, etern, excern, extern, fern, firstborn, flittern, foghorn, footworn, foresworn, forewarn, foreworn, forlorn, forsworn, forworn, freeborn, freiherrn, frorn, gern, girn, gittern, goldarn, goldurn, govern, greenhorn, hagborn, hardfern, hartshorn, hawthorn, haythorn, heartburn, hedgeborn, hellborn, hepburn, hern, hestern, highborn, hodiern, homeborn, horn, imbarn, inborn, incarn, inkhorn, intern, inturn, inurn, itworn, karn, kern, knoppern, krumhorn, krummhorn, lamellicorn, lampern, lantern, lanthorn, lasslorn, learn, leathern, lectern, lecturn, leghorn, lettern, longhorn, longicorn, lorn, lovelorn, lowborn, lucern, lusern, luthern, mangcorn, martern, metecorn, midwestern, misborn, misgovern, mislearn, misturn, modern, mongcorn, morn, mourn, mowburn, mungcorn, newborn, nocturn, norn, northeastern, northern, northwestern, orn, outborn, outburn, outlearn, outscorn, outworn, overburn, overconcern, overturn, overworn, palpicorn, parforn, parfourn, pastern, pattern, peppercorn, pern, pibcorn, pirn, plenicorn, plumicorn, popcorn, porn, postern, pottern, powderhorn, prewarn, promodern, pronghorn, pseudomodern, quadricorn, quartern, quern, ramshorn, readjourn, readorn, reborn, redhorn, rejourn, relearn, return, rn, saltern, sarn, saturn, saxhorn, scarn, scern, scorn, secern, serricorn, shearn, shern, shoehorn, shopworn, shorn, shorthorn, sideburn, silvern, slattern, slaveborn, sojourn, sorn, southeastern, southern, southwestern, spurn, starn, stern, stibborn, stillborn, stinkhorn, straighthorn, stubborn, subaltern, suborn, sunburn, sworn, taciturn, tairn, tarn, tavern, taxicorn, tern, testern, therebiforn, thorn, timeworn, tinhorn, toforn, toilworn, tomorn, torn, tourn, tricorn, trueborn, tubicorn, turn, twinborn, udalborn, ultramodern, unborn, unconcern, undern, underturn, unicorn, unlearn, unshorn, unturn, unworn, upturn, urn, vultern, wanhorn, warn, warworn, waterworn, waveworn, wayworn, weatherworn, wellborn, wern, western, whitethorn, windburn, wivern, worn, wyvern, yarn, yearn, yern, yestermorn, yestern, yourn, zithern, zittern,

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