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English words ending with "rer"

abhorrer, abjurer, acquirer, adherer, adjurer, admeasurer, admirer, adorer, adulterer, adventurer, advoutrer, affeerer, airer, allurer, alterer, answerer, anticoherer, appearer, archtreasurer, armorer, armourer, aspirer, assurer, attirer, augurer, autocoherer, avoutrer, badgerer, banterer, barer, barterer, batterer, bearer, beleaguerer, besmearer, bickerer, bitterer, blatterer, blubberer, blunderer, blusterer, bolsterer, borderer, borer, botherer, broiderer, burglarer, burrer, calendrer, caperer, capturer, careerer, carer, cashierer, caterer, cellarer, censurer, chafferer, chamberer, charterer, chatterer, cheerer, cipherer, clamorer, clatterer, clearer, cleverer, cloisterer, coadventurer, cofferer, coherer, coinsurer, colaborer, colorer, colourer, comparer, conferrer, conjecturer, conjurer, considerer, conspirer, corer, cosherer, coverer, cumberer, cupbearer, curer, dapperer, darer, dearer, decipherer, declarer, decoherer, deferrer, deflourer, deflowerer, deliverer, demurer, demurrer, deplorer, desirer, despairer, destrer, deterrer, devourer, dextrer, direr, discoverer, disfavorer, disfigurer, dishonorer, dodderer, dourer, dummerer, eagerer, electioneerer, embroiderer, encounterer, endeavorer, endurer, enquirer, ensnarer, ensurer, enterer, expirer, explorer, fairer, falterer, farer, fartherer, favorer, favourer, fearer, ferrer, fetterer, feuterer, figurer, filibusterer, filterer, fingerer, firer, flatterer, flavorer, fleerer, floorer, flowerer, flutterer, fodderer, forbearer, forespurrer, forswearer, fosterer, fripperer, fritterer, froterer, fruiterer, fuehrer, fuhrer, gatherer, gesturer, glaverer, hammerer, hamperer, hankerer, harborer, hearer, hinderer, hirer, honorer, honourer, hoverer, hucksterer, humorer, hungerer, ignorer, imbitterer, impairer, implorer, inferrer, injurer, inquirer, insnarer, inspirer, insurer, interferer, interrer, jabberer, jeerer, laborer, labourer, lacquerer, larderer, latherer, launderer, laurer, leaguerer, lecherer, lecturer, letterer, limberer, lingerer, litterer, loiterer, lumberer, lurer, malingerer, maneuverer, manoeuvrer, manufacturer, manurer, marrer, massacrer, maturer, maunderer, meanderer, measurer, merer, miterer, muckerer, murderer, murmurer, murtherer, mutterer, nearer, numberer, nurturer, obscurer, offerer, orderer, oysterer, pairer, palaverer, pallbearer, palterer, pamperer, panderer, paperer, parer, pasturer, patterer, pepperer, perjurer, pesterer, pewterer, philanderer, pickeerer, picturer, pilferer, piqueerer, plasterer, pleasurer, plunderer, ponderer, poorer, porer, posturer, potterer, poulterer, pourer, powderer, precurrer, preferrer, preparer, procurer, profferer, properer, puckerer, purer, putterer, quaverer, queerer, quiverer, rarer, rearer, reassurer, recoverer, referrer, registerer, reinsurer, rememberer, renderer, renterer, repairer, requirer, restorer, retirer, reverer, roarer, roisterer, roturer, roysterer, rumorer, saunterer, savorer, savourer, scamperer, scarer, scatterer, schnorrer, scorer, scourer, seafarer, searer, securer, septemberer, serer, severer, sharer, shearer, sheepshearer, sheerer, shelterer, shiverer, shorer, silverer, simperer, sincerer, slabberer, slanderer, slaughterer, slaverer, slenderer, sliverer, slobberer, slumberer, smatterer, smearer, snarer, sneerer, snorer, soarer, soberer, solderer, sorcerer, sorer, sourer, sparer, spearer, splutterer, spurrer, sputterer, squanderer, squarer, staggerer, stammerer, standardbearer, starer, steerer, stirrer, stonebrearer, storer, stutterer, subtreasurer, succorer, sufferer, sunderer, surer, surrenderer, swaggerer, swearer, taborer, tafferer, talebearer, tamperer, taperer, taxgatherer, tearer, temperer, tenderer, thunderer, tinkerer, titterer, tollgatherer, torchbearer, torturer, totterer, tourer, trainbearer, transferer, transferrer, treasurer, unclearer, underbearer, underlaborer, undertreasurer, unfairer, upbearer, upholsterer, usurer, utterer, vaporer, vapourer, veneerer, venturer, verderer, vulgarer, waferer, wagerer, wanderer, warfarer, waterer, waverer, wayfarer, wearer, whimperer, whisperer, winterer, wirer, witherer, wonderer, yammerer, yarer,

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