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English words ending with "orm"

acetabuliform, aciculiform, aciform, acinaciform, acinetiform, aciniform, actiniform, aculeiform, adeniform, adipoceriform, aeriform, aliform, aluminiform, alveoliform, ambulacriform, amentiform, amianthiform, amoebiform, ampulliform, angleworm, anguiform, anguilliform, antenniform, antheriform, apoplectiform, aquiform, araneiform, arboriform, arciform, armyworm, arrowworm, asbestiform, ascidiform, aspergilliform, auriform, bacciform, bacilliform, backworm, bagworm, barnstorm, basaltiform, bestorm, biform, blindworm, bloodworm, bollworm, boniform, bookworm, botuliform, boviform, brainstorm, bromoform, bursiform, cadeworm, calceiform, calciform, calyciform, calyptriform, campaniform, campaniliform, cancriform, cankerworm, capilliform, capriform, caseworm, cauliform, cerebriform, cheliform, chloroform, choleriform, churrworm, ciliform, ciliiform, cirriform, clamworm, claviform, clypeiform, cocleariform, coliform, columelliform, conchiform, conform, coniform, copperworm, coralliform, cordoform, corm, corniform, coroniform, corticiform, cotyliform, crateriform, cribriform, cruciform, cubiform, cucumiform, culiciform, cultriform, cuneiform, cuniform, curviform, cutworm, cyathiform, cylindriform, cymbiform, cypseliform, deform, deiform, dendriform, dentiform, deworm, dewworm, difform, digitiform, disciform, disuniform, diversiform, dolabriform, dolioform, dorm, dropworm, earthworm, earworm, ectocuneriform, ectocuniform, eelworm, efform, elytriform, embryoniform, enform, enorm, ensiform, entocuneiform, entocuniform, epileptiform, equiform, equisetiform, etheriform, extractiform, falciform, fibriform, filiciform, filiform, fireworm, fistuliform, flabelliform, flagelliform, flagworm, flatworm, floriform, flukeworm, form, freeform, fungiform, fungilliform, funiliform, funnelform, fusiform, galliform, gangliform, ganglioform, gapeworm, gasiform, gelatiniform, ginglyform, glandiform, glowworm, gnatworm, gorm, gourdworm, graniform, granitiform, granuliform, grubworm, guttiform, hailstorm, hairworm, hamiform, harengiform, heartworm, heliciform, hippocrepiform, homiform, hookworm, horseworm, hydatiform, hydriform, hyperboliform, hypocrateriform, ichthyosiform, inchworm, inconform, inform, infundibuliform, iodoform, isopodiform, jointworm, juliform, kaliform, labyrinthiform, lachrymiform, lageniform, lamelliform, lanciform, landform, landstorm, laniariform, larviform, leafworm, lentiform, leptiform, libriform, licheniform, ligniform, lindiform, linguiform, lirelliform, lituiform, lobworm, luciform, lugworm, lumbriciform, lungworm, luniform, lyriform, madreporiform, maltworm, mammiform, mammilliform, mandibuliform, maniform, mawworm, maxilliform, mealworm, medusiform, membraniform, mesocuneiform, mesocuniform, metalliform, microform, misform, misinform, misreform, mitriform, monadiform, moniliform, montiform, muciform, muckworm, multiform, mummiform, muriform, muscariform, musciform, myrtiform, napiform, nariform, nasiform, nautiform, nitroform, nonuniform, norm, nuciform, nucleiform, oculiform, omniform, operculiform, outform, outperform, outstorm, ovaliform, overinform, oviform, paliform, palmerworm, palpiform, pampiniform, panduriform, papilliform, pappiform, paraboliform, passeriform, patelliform, pectiniform, pediform, peltiform, penicilliform, penniform, perciform, perform, petaliform, piciform, pileiform, pileworm, piliform, pillworm, pinniform, pinworm, pisciform, pisiform, placentiform, planiform, platform, plexiform, pliform, plumiliform, poculiform, poriform, preconform, preform, proboscidiform, proreform, proteiform, pumiciform, punctiform, puriform, pustuliform, pyriform, racemiform, radiatiform, radiciform, raduliform, rainstorm, ramiform, reform, reinform, remiform, reniform, resiniform, restiform, retiform, retransform, ringworm, roseworm, rostelliform, rostriform, rotiform, roundworm, rubiform, ruiniform, sacciform, saliniform, sandaliform, sandstorm, sandworm, scalariform, scalpriform, scapiform, scobiform, scopiform, scoriform, screwworm, scrotiform, scutelliform, scutiform, scyphiform, securiform, semiform, semipenniform, septiform, serpentiform, setiform, shipworm, siliqyiform, silkworm, slowworm, slugworm, snowstorm, soliform, spanworm, spathiform, spiciform, spiculiform, spindleworm, spiniform, spongiform, spoonworm, squamiform, stagworm, stalactitiform, stalactoform, stelliform, stilliform, stipitiform, storm, stratiform, strawworm, strobiliform, strombuliform, styliform, subpyriform, subuliform, sulciform, taintworm, tapeworm, tauriform, tentaculiform, terebratuliform, theiform, threadworm, thunderstorm, thunderworm, tongueworm, torulaform, transform, trapeziform, trichiuriform, triform, tubeform, tubeworm, tubiform, tubuliform, umbraculiform, unciform, uncoform, unform, unguiform, uniform, ursiform, vaporiform, variciform, variform, vasiform, vermiform, verruciform, villiform, vitriform, vulviform, waveform, webform, webworm, whealworm, wheatworm, whereform, whipworm, windstorm, wireworm, witworm, woodworm, worm, ypsiliform, zeolitiform,

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