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English words ending with "ock"

abricock, acock, airlock, alarmclock, alpenstock, antiknock, babcock, bannock, bassock, bawcock, bedrock, bedstock, beetlestock, belock, bemock, bergstock, bibcock, bilcock, billycock, bitstock, bittock, blackcock, block, bock, bodock, breechblock, brock, bullock, bullyrock, burdock, burrock, buttock, cammock, candock, carlock, cassock, cellblock, charlock, chock, chockablock, clock, cock, countershock, counterstock, cowpock, crock, daddock, daglock, deadlock, defrock, diestock, dimmock, disfrock, dock, dornock, drillstock, drock, dunnock, earlock, earthshock, electroshock, elflock, enlock, fetlock, firelock, flintlock, flock, forelock, frock, futtock, gablock, gamecock, gapingstock, gavelock, gazingstock, girrock, gorcock, gridlock, gritrock, gunlock, gunstock, haddock, hairlock, halfcock, hammerlock, hammock, hardock, harlock, hassock, havelock, haycock, headlock, headstock, hemlock, hillock, hock, hollyhock, hommock, hoolock, hordock, hummock, inlock, interlock, intershock, jock, juddock, killock, knock, ladyclock, landlock, laughingstock, laverock, lavrock, leverock, linstock, livestock, lobcock, lock, logcock, lohock, lovelock, mallemock, mammock, matchlock, mattock, meacock, mock, mockingstock, mohock, mullock, nock, oarlock, overstock, paddlecock, paddock, padlock, pajock, paltock, parrock, peacock, penock, penstock, petcock, picklock, piddock, pinchcock, pinnock, pock, pocock, pointingstock, pollock, poppycock, princock, puddock, purrock, puttock, rackarock, raddock, rendrock, restock, rimrock, roadblock, rock, roostcock, rootstock, rowlock, rudderstock, ruddock, schlock, shacklock, shaddock, shamrock, sharock, sheetrock, sherlock, shittlecock, shlock, shock, shuttlecock, shylock, sillock, skirlcock, slock, smock, snattock, sock, spatchcock, spitchcock, steinbock, stock, stopcock, stormcock, stroock, suckanhock, sycock, taglock, tailblock, tailstock, tarrock, thricecock, thussock, ticktock, tinnock, tipstock, torrock, tussock, unblock, uncock, underlock, understock, undock, unfrock, unlock, unstock, uplock, warlock, weathercock, wedlock, weighlock, whinock, whipstock, willock, windsock, woodblock, woodcock, woodrock, woolstock, wrannock, yapock,

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