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English words ending with "les"

abdominales, ables, achilles, addles, airedales, aisles, ales, alleles, ambles, amoles, amphiboles, ampoules, ampules, angeles, angles, anglophiles, animalcules, ankles, anoles, anopheles, antilles, antiparticles, antipoles, apostles, apples, arables, areoles, argles, argyles, arles, armholes, arterioles, articles, assembles, ateles, audibles, audiophiles, aureoles, auricles, automobiles, axles, babbles, baffles, bagatelles, bales, bamboozles, banderoles, bangles, barcaroles, barnacles, bastiles, bastilles, battles, baubles, beadles, beagles, beanpoles, beatles, bedazzles, bedraggles, beetles, befuddles, beguiles, belittles, belles, bespangles, besprinkles, bibles, bibliophiles, bicycles, biles, bindles, binnacles, biocycles, bloodmobiles, blowholes, bluebottles, bobbles, boggles, bogles, boles, boodles, bookmobiles, boondoggles, bottles, boules, brailles, brambles, breakables, bridles, brindles, bristles, brittles, bubbles, buckles, buddles, bugles, bumbles, bundles, bungholes, bungles, burbles, burgles, bustles, buttonholes, cables, caboodles, cackles, cajoles, camisoles, camomiles, campaniles, candles, canticles, cantles, caprioles, capsules, caracoles, carbuncles, casseroles, castles, caules, cenacles, centuples, charles, chasubles, chenilles, chicles, chiles, chondrules, chorales, chortles, chronicles, chuckholes, chuckles, circles, clavicles, clienteles, coalholes, cobbles, cockles, coddles, coles, collectables, collectibles, combustibles, comestibles, commingles, compatibles, compiles, condoles, condyles, consoles, constables, conventicles, convertibles, coracles, corpuscles, couples, crackles, cradles, creoles, cringles, crinkles, cripples, crocodiles, crottles, crucibles, crumbles, crumples, cubbyholes, cubicles, cuddles, curdles, cuticles, cuttles, cycles, dabbles, dales, dalles, damocles, dandles, dangles, dapples, darkles, dawdles, dazzles, debacles, decasyllables, deckles, deductibles, defiles, deles, deliverables, demoiselles, detteles, dholes, diastoles, dibbles, diddles, dimples, dingles, dipoles, dirigibles, disables, disassembles, disciples, disentangles, disgruntles, dismantles, dissembles, doles, domiciles, doodles, dottles, doubles, draggles, dribbles, drizzles, duffles, durables, dwindles, eagles, eatables, ecoles, edibles, eligibles, elles, embattles, embezzles, empurples, enables, encapsules, encircles, enfeebles, engirdles, enkindles, ennobles, ensamples, ensembles, ensiles, entangles, entitles, eolipiles, epicycles, epistles, erewhiles, escaroles, espadrilles, espanoles, etoiles, examples, exhales, exiles, eyeholes, fables, facsimiles, farthingales, fascicles, fatales, females, fencibles, ferrules, ferules, fettles, fiddles, fideles, files, filles, finagles, finales, fishpoles, fizzles, flagpoles, flavorles, floccules, foibles, folktales, follicles, fondles, forecastles, foxholes, frazzles, freckles, frijoles, frizzles, fuddles, fumaroles, fumbles, fungibles, furuncles, gabbles, gables, gaggles, gales, gallinules, gambles, garbles, gargles, gargoyles, gazelles, gentiles, gentles, giggles, girasoles, girdles, globules, gobbles, goggles, graciles, grackles, granduncles, granules, grapples, griddles, grilles, gristles, grizzles, grumbles, gruntles, guiles, gules, gulles, gunwales, gurgles, guzzles, hackles, haggles, hairstyles, hales, handles, haoles, hassles, heckles, heddles, hellholes, hercules, hobbles, holes, homophiles, honeysuckles, honorables, horribles, hostiles, hotcockles, hoyles, huddles, humbles, hurdles, hurtles, hustles, hypapophyles, hyperboles, icicles, idles, imbeciles, immortelles, impales, imponderables, indoles, ineligibles, inexpressibles, inextinguishables, ingles, inhales, inkles, insoles, intangibles, interfiles, intermingles, intertangles, inveigles, isles, isosceles, ixtles, jangles, jiggles, jingles, joggles, jostles, joules, jubiles, juggles, jumbles, jungles, juveniles, kales, kamtschadales, kayles, kettles, keyholes, kibbles, kilocycles, kindles, kirtles, kneeholes, knotholes, knuckles, ladles, les, lifestyles, lisles, littles, lobules, locales, lodicules, loopholes, mademoiselles, majuscules, males, manacles, mandibles, mangles, manhandles, manholes, maniples, mantles, maples, marbles, marseilles, martingales, matabeles, mayapples, maypoles, measles, mebles, meddles, megacycles, melanconiales, mephistopheles, mesdemoiselles, mettles, middles, miles, milles, mingles, minuscules, miracles, misfiles, mishandles, misrules, missiles, mistitles, mobiles, mobles, modules, moebles, molecules, moles, mollycoddles, moniliales, monocles, monopoles, monosyllables, morales, motiles, motorcycles, mottles, movables, moveables, muckles, muddles, muffles, mules, multiples, mumbles, muscales, muscles, musicales, muzzles, myrtles, nacelles, naples, narwhales, needles, nestles, nettles, nibbles, nickles, niggles, nightingales, nineholes, nipples, nobbles, nobles, noddles, nodules, nombles, noncombustibles, nonperishables, noodles, notables, nozzles, nubbles, nuncles, nuzzles, nybbles, nymphales, obstacles, octangles, octuples, oenophiles, ogles, oldstyles, oles, oodles, oracles, organelles, orioles, oscules, otherwhiles, overrules, ovules, packsaddles, paddles, pales, palmidactyles, panhandles, panicles, papules, parables, paroles, participles, particles, pastilles, pastorales, pebbles, peddles, peduncles, peepholes, pentacles, peoples, perameles, percales, percentiles, pericles, perishables, peristyles, periwinkles, pestholes, pestles, petioles, pickles, piddles, piffles, pigeonholes, piles, pimples, pineapples, pinholes, pinnacles, pinnywinkles, pinochles, pinoles, poles, polysyllables, poodles, portables, portholes, postholes, potables, potholes, prattles, preambles, preassembles, prickles, principles, profiles, projectiles, proles, prostyles, proteles, puddles, pules, purples, pustules, puzzles, quadrangles, quadrilles, quadruples, quartiles, quetzales, quibbles, quintiles, quintuples, rabbles, raddles, raffles, rales, rambles, rankles, rassles, ratholes, rationales, rattles, reassembles, reccheles, receivables, receptacles, reconciles, rectangles, recycles, redoubles, refiles, regales, rehandles, rekindles, repeoples, reptiles, resales, reschedules, resembles, resettles, reshuffles, resoles, restyles, reticules, retitles, reveilles, reviles, riddles, ridgepoles, ridicules, riffles, rifles, rigmaroles, riles, ripples, risibles, robles, roles, roubles, rubbles, rubles, ruffles, rules, rumbles, rumples, rurales, rustles, sables, saddles, sales, samples, sanicles, scales, schedules, scrabbles, scrambles, scrapples, scribbles, scruples, scuffles, scuttles, semicircles, seminoles, seniles, sensibles, septuples, settles, sextiles, sextuples, shackles, shales, shambles, shingles, shuffles, shuttles, sickles, sidesaddles, sidles, similes, simples, singles, sinkholes, sizzles, skayles, skittles, slipsoles, smiles, smuggles, snaffles, sniffles, snowmobiles, snuffles, snuggles, soboles, sociables, soles, solubles, sophocles, souffles, spangles, sparkles, speckles, spectacles, spicules, spindles, spiracles, spittles, sprinkles, spurtles, squabbles, squiggles, stabiles, stables, stales, staples, startles, steeples, stickles, stifles, stiles, stipples, stockpiles, stoles, stopples, storables, straddles, straggles, strangles, strickles, struggles, stubbles, stumbles, styles, subbrachiales, submersibles, subrules, subschedules, subtitles, suckles, surcingles, swaddles, swindles, swizzles, syllables, systoles, tabernacles, tables, tackles, tadpoles, tales, tamales, tangibles, tangles, tapholes, tattles, tattletales, taxables, teakettles, teazles, telltales, temples, tentacles, terribles, testicles, textiles, thimbles, thistles, tholes, throstles, throttles, thuribles, tickles, tiles, timbales, timetables, tingles, tinkles, tipples, titles, tittles, toddles, toggles, tootles, topples, tousles, touzles, tramples, transportables, treacles, treadles, trebles, trembles, trestles, triangles, trickles, tricycles, trifles, triples, triskeles, troubles, truckles, truffles, trundles, tubercles, tubules, tules, tulles, tumbles, turnbuckles, turnstiles, turntables, turtles, tussles, twaddles, twangles, tweedles, twiddles, twinkles, ukeleles, ukuleles, umbles, unbridles, unbuckles, uncles, uncouples, unicycles, unmentionables, unmuffles, unmuzzles, unpeoples, unpiles, unsaddles, unscrambles, unsettles, unshackles, untangles, unwrinkles, vacuoles, vales, valuables, valvules, variables, vegetables, vehicles, vendibles, ventricles, venules, versailles, versicles, vesicles, vestales, vestibules, virgules, vittles, vocables, voiles, volatiles, voles, wabbles, waddles, waffles, waggles, wales, wangles, warbles, wattles, wearables, wellholes, whales, wheedles, whiffles, whiles, whistles, whittles, wholes, wholesales, widdles, wiggles, wiles, wimbles, wimples, winkles, wobbles, woodpiles, worktables, wormholes, wrangles, wrastles, wrestles, wriggles, wrinkles, yodles, yules, zizzles, zoophiles,

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