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English words ending with "ite"

abderite, abelite, abietite, accite, aciculite, aconite, acquisite, acrite, actinolite, adamite, adiaphorite, aerolite, aerosiderite, afrite, agalmatolite, albertite, albite, allanite, allochroite, alunite, amazonite, ambrite, ammite, ammonite, ampelite, analcite, anchorite, andalusite, andesite, anglesite, anhydrite, ankerite, anorthite, anorthosite, antholite, anthophyllite, anthracite, anthraconite, anthropolite, anthropomorphite, anthropopathite, anthropophagite, antimonite, apatite, aphanite, aphrite, aphrodite, apophyllite, apotactite, appetite, apposite, aragonite, archimandrite, arenicolite, areopagite, argentite, argillite, arkite, arragonite, arsenite, arsenopyrite, artotyrite, asphaltite, asterophyllite, astroite, atacamite, attrite, atwite, augite, aurichalcite, autunite, axinite, azotite, azurite, azymite, baalite, babingtonite, backbite, baculite, balanite, ballistite, barite, barnabite, basanite, basicerite, basipodite, bauxite, beauxite, bedlamite, bedsite, belemnite, belonite, benedicite, benjamite, benthamite, bentonite, berthierite, bethlehemite, bethlemite, bindheimite, biosatellite, biotite, bipartite, bismite, bismuthinite, bisulfite, bisulphite, bite, blatherskite, blite, bloedite, bloodwite, bobwhite, boltonite, boracite, bornite, botryolite, boulangerite, bournonite, bowenite, braunite, brewsterite, brite, brochantite, bromyrite, brontolite, bronzite, brookite, brucite, brushite, bucholzite, bufonite, byssolite, cabazite, cabrerite, cacoxenite, calaite, calamite, calaverite, calcite, caledonite, campbellite, campsite, canaanite, cancerite, cancrinite, candite, capite, carbonite, carmelite, carnallite, carpolite, cassiterite, castorite, catamite, catlinite, celestite, cenobite, cerargyrite, cerite, cerolite, cerusite, cerussite, cervantite, ceylanite, chabasite, chalcanthite, chalcocite, chalcopyrite, chalybite, chesterlite, chiastolite, chlorite, chloroleucite, chondrite, chondrodite, christianite, chromite, chromoleucite, chrysolite, cimolite, cite, cleavelandite, coalite, cobaltite, coccolite, coenobite, colemanite, colophonite, coloradoite, columbite, composite, conchite, concite, condite, condurrite, congenite, conite, consopite, contrite, convertite, coprolite, coquimbite, corallinite, corallite, cordierite, cordite, cosmopolite, covellite, crinite, crocidolite, crocoisite, crocoite, cronstedtite, crossbite, crotaphite, cryolite, crystallite, cucurbite, cuprite, cushite, cyanite, cyanosite, dambonite, damourite, danaite, danalite, danburite, danite, darbyite, darwinite, datolite, daubreelite, dawsonite, decomposite, definite, dendrite, dendrolite, despite, detrite, dialogite, diatomite, dichroite, digitipartite, diorite, dissite, disunite, dite, ditroite, dolerite, dolomite, domeykite, domite, dopplerite, dufrenite, dulcite, dynamite, dyscrasite, dysluite, ebionite, ebonite, echinite, eclogite, ectoparasite, edenite, edingtonite, edomite, egalite, ehlite, ekebergite, elaeolite, elamite, elaolite, elaterite, elcesaite, elite, elvanite, embolite, enargite, encratite, encrinite, endite, endoparasite, endopleurite, endopodite, endosternite, enstatite, entomolite, entrochite, eosphorite, epipodite, epistilbite, epithite, epitrite, epsomite, eremite, erinite, erubescite, erudite, erythrite, eschynite, essonite, eucairite, euchite, euchroite, eulytite, euxenite, evaporite, evite, excite, exinanite, exopodite, expedite, exquisite, extradite, exurbanite, fahlunite, farcilite, fassaite, fatimite, favorite, favosite, fayalite, felsite, fengite, fergusonite, ferrite, ferrocalcite, fibrolite, ficttelite, fightwite, finite, fiorite, fleabite, flite, fluocerite, fluorite, foralite, forcite, forewite, fourierite, fowlerite, francolite, franklinite, freieslebenite, frostbite, fulgurite, fungite, gadolinite, gahnite, galenite, galerite, garnierite, gaylussite, gelignite, geocronite, geyserite, ghostwrite, gibbsite, gieseckite, gismondite, gite, glassite, glauberite, glauconite, globulite, glycerite, gmelinite, gnathastegite, gnathite, gnathopodite, goethite, gomarite, goniatite, gothamite, gothite, grahamite, granatite, grangerite, granite, granulite, graphite, grapholite, graptolite, greenockite, gryphite, guerite, gummite, gymnite, gyrogonite, haematite, haidingerite, halite, halloysite, halotrichite, hamite, hampshirite, handwrite, harmonite, hatchettite, hauerite, hauynite, heliolite, hellgamite, hellgramite, hellgrammite, hellkite, helminthite, helvite, hemacite, hematite, hepatite, heppelwhite, heracleonite, herapathite, herderite, heremite, hermaphrodite, hessite, heteroclite, heulandite, hicksite, hiddenite, hieronymite, hippurite, hisingerite, hittite, holosiderite, homesite, homilite, hopeite, hoplite, humite, hussite, hyalite, hydromagnesite, hydrosulphite, hypochlorite, hypocrite, hyponitrite, hypophosphite, hyposulphite, ichnite, ichnolite, ichthyocoprolite, ichthyodorulite, ichthyolite, ichthyophthalmite, idrialite, ignite, ilmenite, ilvaite, impedite, impolite, inapposite, incite, incomposite, incondite, indefinite, indicolite, indite, indomite, inerudite, infinite, ingenite, inosite, insulite, invite, iodyrite, iolite, irvingite, ischiocerite, ischiopodite, ishmaelite, islamite, ismaelite, isodulcite, israelite, itacolumite, jacobite, jadeite, jamesonite, japhethite, japhetite, jarosite, jaspilite, jeffersonite, jenite, jeronymite, jerseyite, judahite, juncite, juniperite, kainite, kampylite, karaite, karpholite, karstenite, kerargyrite, kerite, kerolite, kieserite, kite, knebelite, kobellite, konite, krokidolite, kryolite, kryptonite, kyannite, laborite, labradorite, laccolite, lamaite, laminarite, lanarkite, lanthanite, laterite, laumontite, laurite, lazarite, lazulite, leadhillite, lepadite, lepidolite, leptynite, leucite, leucopyrite, levite, levynite, lherzolite, libethenite, lignite, limonite, linarite, linnaeite, lintwhite, liparite, liroconite, lite, lithiophilite, lithotrite, lituite, localite, loellingite, lomonite, longulite, lucite, lucullite, luddite, ludlamite, ludwigite, lunulite, luxullianite, lychnobite, lycopodite, lyddite, madreporite, magnesite, magnetite, malachite, malacolite, mammonite, mandragorite, manganite, mannite, marcasite, marcionite, margarite, margarodite, marguerite, marlite, marmatite, marmite, marmolite, maronite, marsupite, martite, mascagnite, masorite, maximite, meionite, melaconite, melampyrite, melanite, melanochroite, melanterite, melchite, melenite, melilite, melinite, mellite, menaccanite, menilite, mennonite, meropodite, merozoite, mesolite, mesosiderite, mesquite, metabolite, metacinnabarite, meteorite, meteorolite, metropolite, mezquite, miargyrite, miascite, microlite, microparasite, micropegmatite, miliolite, milleporite, millerite, mimetite, minorite, mirabilite, miscite, misrecite, miswrite, mite, moabite, molybdenite, molybdite, monazite, monophysite, monopolite, monothelite, mormonite, moroxite, multipartite, munite, muscovite, mussite, nagyagite, natrolite, nautilite, nazarite, nazirite, necrolite, necronite, nemalite, nephelite, nephrite, nerite, nevadite, niccolite, nidulite, niobite, nitrite, nitrocalcite, nitromagnesite, nontronite, nonwhite, norite, novaculite, nummulite, oblite, octahedrite, odontolite, okenite, oligosiderite, olivenite, olivite, omostegite, omphalopsychite, oolite, oostegite, ophiomorphite, ophite, ophthalmite, opposite, orangite, ornithichnite, ornithoidichnite, ornitholite, orthite, orthoceratite, osmite, osteolite, ostracite, otoconite, otolite, ottomite, ottrelite, outwrite, ouvarovite, overbite, overexcite, overexquisite, overwrite, ovulite, owenite, oxalite, ozocerite, pagodite, palmacite, palmite, pandermite, paragonite, parakite, parasite, pargasite, parnellite, partite, pearlite, pectolite, pegmatite, penlite, pentacrinite, pentremite, periclasite, peridotite, peristerite, perite, perlite, perofskite, perquisite, perthite, petalite, petite, petzite, phacolite, phalangite, phanerite, pharmacolite, pharmacosiderite, phaseomannite, phenacite, phillipsite, phlebolite, phlogopite, phonolite, phosgenite, phosphite, phosphorite, phototheodolite, phycite, phyllite, phytolite, picrite, picrolite, piedmontite, pikrolite, pimelite, pinite, pisolite, pistacite, pistazite, pituite, plagionite, plebescite, plebiscite, pleurite, plumosite, pluripartite, podophthalmite, polianite, polite, pollucite, polybasite, polychroite, polyhalite, polymnite, polypite, porcelanite, porite, porphyrite, pospolite, praseolite, preadamite, prefinite, prehnite, premunite, preraphaelite, prerequisite, preterite, priceite, procerite, propodite, protomerite, protopodite, protosomite, protozoonite, proustite, psammite, psarolite, pseudorhabdite, pucherite, puseyite, pycnite, pyrargyrite, pyrite, pyrolignite, pyrolusite, pyromorphite, pyrophyllite, pyrosmalite, pyroxenite, pyrrhotite, quadripartite, quartzite, quercite, quinquepartite, quirite, quite, rabbinite, radiolite, ralstonite, raphaelite, ratite, rechabite, recite, recondite, reignite, reinvite, rensselaerite, requisite, requite, respite, retinalite, retinite, reunite, rewrite, rhabdite, rhetizite, rhinolite, rhodochrosite, rhodocrinite, rhodonite, rhyncholite, rhyolite, ripidolite, rite, romeite, roscoelite, roselite, rotalite, rubellite, ruralite, sagenite, sahlite, salicylite, salite, samarskite, samite, saponite, sarabaite, satellite, sauroidichnite, saussurite, saxonite, scaphite, scaphocerite, scaphognathite, scapolite, scattersite, scheelite, schreibersite, sclerite, sclerodermite, scolecite, scorodite, scyllite, selenite, semirecondite, semite, sepiolite, septempartite, sericite, serpulite, servite, shafiite, sheepbite, shemite, shiite, siderite, siderolite, sienite, sillimanite, silvanite, silverite, sinopite, site, skolecite, skolezite, skorodite, skrite, skutterudite, skywrite, smaltite, smaragdite, smectite, smite, smithsonite, snakebite, snite, socialite, sodalite, sodomite, somite, sonnite, sopite, sorbite, sperrylite, spessartite, sphaerulite, sphalerite, spherosiderite, spherulite, spite, spongiolite, sporozoite, sprite, stagirite, stalactite, stalagmite, stannite, staurolite, steatite, stephanite, sternbergite, sternite, stibiconite, stibnite, stilbite, streite, strombite, stromeyerite, strontianite, struvite, stylite, suberite, suburbanite, succinite, suite, sulfite, sulphantimonite, sulpharsenite, sulphite, sulphophosphite, sunnite, supparasite, sybarite, sycite, syderolite, syenite, sylvanite, sylvite, taborite, tachhydrite, taconite, tanite, tantalite, tektite, tellurite, tennantite, tentaculite, tephrite, tephroite, tergite, termite, tetradite, tetradymite, tetrahedrite, thenardite, theodolite, thermite, thinolite, thomite, thomsenolite, thomsonite, thorite, thranite, thuringite, thwaite, thwite, titanite, tokyoite, tonite, topazolite, torbernite, touite, townsite, toxophilite, tractite, transvestite, tremolite, trichite, tridymite, trilobite, tripartite, triphylite, triplite, triploidite, trite, tritheite, trochite, troilite, troostite, truite, tubiporite, tungstite, turbinite, turbite, turfite, turnerite, turrilite, twaite, twite, typewrite, typolite, tyrolite, tysonite, ulexite, ullmannite, uncontrite, underwrite, unite, unpolite, unwrite, uralite, uraninite, uranite, uranolite, urbanite, urite, urosternite, uwarowite, vanadinite, vanadite, variolite, variscite, vauquelinite, venite, ventriculite, verite, vermiculite, vesuvianite, vigorite, viridite, visite, vitrite, vivianite, volborthite, voltzite, vulcanite, vulpinite, wagnerite, warwickite, wasite, wavellite, websterite, wellsite, wernerite, whewellite, white, whitneyite, wickliffite, wiclifite, willemite, wisconsinite, wite, withamite, witherite, wolframite, wollastonite, write, wulfenite, wycliffite, wyclifite, wyomingite, xylite, xylonite, yemenite, yenite, yite, yosemite, zamite, zaratite, zeolite, zeylanite, zietrisikite, zincite, zinkenite, zinnwaldite, zoisite, zoonite, zoophite, zunyite, zylonite,

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