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English words ending with "is"

abassis, abatis, abattis, abiogenesis, absis, accomplis, acidosis, acropolis, actinomycosis, adatis, adenitis, adenoiditis, adenosclerosis, adipolysis, adiposis, adonis, aegis, aepyornis, aerotaxis, aesthesis, afghanis, agamis, agamogenesis, agenesis, agennesis, agrostis, ais, albigeois, albuminosis, alibis, alkalis, alkalosis, allantois, allis, amanuensis, amaryllis, amaurosis, ambergris, amis, amitosis, amniocentesis, ampelopsis, amphiarthrosis, amphigenesis, amvis, amylogenesis, amylolysis, anabasis, anacharis, anacoenosis, anacrusis, anadiplosis, anaesthesis, anagnorisis, analepsis, analysis, anamnesis, anamorphosis, anapophysis, anastomosis, anchylosis, anemosis, angioneurosis, anis, ankylosis, ankylostomiasis, annapolis, anolis, antanaclasis, anthemis, anthesis, anthracosis, anthropomorphosis, antimetathesis, antiperistasis, antiphrasis, antiptosis, antipyresis, antis, antisepsis, antithesis, anubis, aortitis, aparithmesis, aphaeresis, apheresis, aphesis, aphis, apis, apodixis, apodosis, aponeurosis, apophasis, apophysis, aposiopesis, apostasis, apotheosis, apothesis, appendicitis, apsis, arachnitis, archebiosis, architeuthis, arris, arsis, artemis, arteriosclerosis, arteritis, arthritis, arthrochondritis, arthrodesis, arthrosis, asbestosis, ascariasis, asepsis, assagais, assegais, asterolepis, atherosclerosis, athetosis, atmolysis, australis, autocatalysis, autogenesis, autohypnosis, autokinesis, auxesis, avis, avitaminosis, avoirdupois, axis, bacteriolysis, banzais, basis, beaujolais, beriberis, bhaktis, bikinis, biogenesis, biognosis, biolysis, biosynthesis, bipennis, bis, blastogenesis, blepharitis, blinis, bolis, bordelais, borealis, borzois, bourgeois, bouzoukis, brewis, broccolis, bronchitis, brucellosis, burdelais, burgeois, bursitis, butteris, caddis, cadis, calisthenis, calliopsis, camis, canis, cannabis, cantharis, cantoris, capsulitis, carcinogenesis, cardiosclerosis, carditis, cariopsis, caryopsis, cassis, catachresis, catalepsis, catalysis, catastasis, catharsis, cathexis, caulis, celebrationis, cellulitis, cephalaspis, cephalitis, cerebritis, cerevis, cerris, cervicitis, chablis, challis, chamois, charybdis, chassis, chemiotaxis, chemolysis, chemosis, chemosmosis, chemosynthesis, chemotaxis, chichis, chiropraxis, chlorosis, cholecystis, chondritis, chondrogenesis, chorisis, chromidrosis, chrysalis, cillosis, cirrhosis, classis, clavis, clematis, clevis, clitoris, coatis, coenesthesis, colitis, colonitis, conjunctivitis, coreopsis, corgis, coronis, cosmopolis, crasis, crevis, crisis, crois, cucumis, cullis, cuspis, cutis, cyanosis, cyclosis, cypris, cystis, cystitis, cytogenesis, dactylitis, daiquiris, dais, dashikis, davis, debris, deemphasis, deesis, deinornis, deis, delis, delthyris, dennis, dermatitis, dermis, dermostosis, derris, dervis, dhotis, diaeresis, diagnosis, dialysis, diapedesis, diaphoresis, diaphysis, diapophysis, diarthrosis, diastasis, diathesis, diegesis, dieresis, diesis, digenesis, digitalis, dinornis, dipsosis, dis, discussionis, diuresis, diverticulitis, doris, dramatis, dysgenesis, eblis, ecbasis, ecchymosis, ecdysis, ecphasis, ecphonesis, ectasis, ecthlipsis, ectostosis, effendis, egis, elaeis, electrogenesis, electrolysis, electronarcosis, electrophoresis, elephantiasis, ellipsis, elvis, emesis, emphasis, emphyteusis, empyesis, empyrosis, enantiosis, enarthrosis, encephalitis, encephalomyelitis, endeixis, endocarditis, endodermis, endogenesis, endometritis, endosmosis, endostosis, endysis, ennuis, entasis, enteritis, enuresis, envois, eolis, epacris, epanadiplosis, epanalepsis, epanorthosis, ependymis, epenthesis, epexegesis, ephemeris, epidermis, epididymis, epididymitis, epigenesis, epiglottis, epiornis, epiphysis, epiplexis, epipubis, epistaxis, epitasis, epithesis, epizeuxis, epulis, eremacausis, eristalis, erminois, erotesis, erotogenesis, eucharis, eugenesis, exaeresis, exanthesis, exegesis, exosmosis, exostosis, extremis, felis, fermis, ferris, fetis, fibrosis, fidelis, filariasis, finalis, finis, fluorosis, fortis, francis, fujis, funis, gamogenesis, gaposis, gastornis, gastritis, gastroduodenitis, gastroenteritis, geminis, geneagenesis, generis, genesis, genghis, geognosis, gingivitis, glacis, glaucosis, glossitis, glottis, glucogenesis, glycogenesis, gnosis, gomphiasis, gomphosis, gouramis, gracilis, gratis, gris, guaranis, gyrolepis, hadjis, haemapophysis, haematemesis, haematogenesis, haematolysis, haematosis, haemocytolysis, haemocytotrypsis, haemolysis, haggis, hajis, hajjis, haliotis, halitosis, hallucinosis, hamamelis, harris, hautbois, helminthiasis, hemapophysis, hematemesis, hematosis, hemerocallis, hemodialysis, hemoptysis, henogenesis, hepatitis, hesperornis, heterauxesis, heterogenesis, heteronereis, heterosis, hibachis, hidrosis, his, histogenesis, histolysis, homeostasis, homogenesis, homotaxis, hopis, houris, hubris, hydrarthrosis, hydrolysis, hydronephrosis, hypapophysis, hyperapophysis, hyperinosis, hyperkinesis, hypermetamorphosis, hypinosis, hypnoanalysis, hypnosis, hypochondriasis, hypodermis, hypophysis, hyporhachis, hypostasis, hypothesis, hypotyposis, hysteresis, ibis, ichthyornis, ichthyosis, idiocrasis, ignis, ileitis, illinois, impressionis, imprimis, indianapolis, indris, inermis, interaxis, iraqis, iris, iritis, iroquois, is, isatis, isis, israelis, isseis, iwis, kabukis, kadis, kakis, kanjis, karyokinesis, karyostenosis, katharsis, kenogenesis, kenosis, kepis, keratitis, keratonyxis, keratosis, khakis, kinaesthesis, kinesis, kinetogenesis, kirigamis, kiwis, kris, laminitis, lampyris, lanais, lapis, laryngitis, lazulis, lecythis, leis, leptomeningitis, leucocytogenesis, levis, lewis, libris, lichis, limosis, linguinis, litchis, lithiasis, lordosis, loris, louis, lungis, lychnis, lymphadenitis, lymphangeitis, lymphitis, lysis, macaronis, machicoulis, macrocystis, maharanis, maharishis, malpais, mammodis, manis, mantis, maoris, mareis, mariachis, markis, marmorosis, marquis, marseillais, martinis, mastitis, mastoiditis, mathesis, mavis, maxis, megalopolis, megapolis, meiosis, melanosis, meleagris, memphis, meningitis, menostasis, mentis, mephitis, metabasis, metabolisis, metachrosis, metagenesis, metalepsis, metamorphosis, metaphrasis, metaphysis, metapophysis, metastasis, metathesis, metempsychosis, metemptosis, metensomatosis, metis, metritis, metropolis, miamis, microanalysis, midis, miladis, millreis, milreis, mimesis, minis, minneapolis, miosis, mirabilis, mis, misdiagnosis, missis, mistigris, mitosis, monogenesis, mononucleosis, morosis, morphogenesis, morphosis, morris, mortis, muftis, mutagenesis, mutandis, mydriasis, myelitis, myocarditis, myopsis, myosis, myositis, myosotis, mysis, nais, narcohypnosis, narcosis, naris, nazis, necrobiosis, necropolis, necrosis, nemesis, nephritis, nereis, nereocystis, neurapophysis, neuraxis, neuritis, neuropteris, neurosis, nis, niseis, noesis, notornis, oasis, obis, ochlesis, odontiasis, okapis, onomatopoiesis, ontogenesis, oogenesis, oophoritis, orchis, orchitis, organogenesis, orgeis, origamis, orris, orthis, osiris, osmanlis, osmidrosis, osmosis, osteitis, osteoarthritis, osteoclasis, osteogenesis, osteolysis, osteoperiostitis, osteoporosis, osteosclerosis, ostitis, ostosis, otis, otitis, ovaritis, overemphasis, ovotesttis, oxalis, pachymeningitis, paedogenesis, pais, pakistanis, palingenesis, panegyris, pangenesis, paracentesis, paragenesis, paraleipsis, paralepsis, paralipsis, paralysis, parametritis, paraphimosis, paraphysis, parapophysis, parasynaxis, parataxis, parathesis, paremptosis, parenesis, parenthesis, parentis, parepididymis, paresis, paris, parorchis, parostosis, parotitis, parthenogenesis, parvis, pastramis, pathogenesis, patois, peccavis, pecopteris, pectoris, pedesis, pelvis, penis, peplis, pericarditis, perichondritis, pericystitis, perigenesis, perinephritis, periodontitis, periodontosis, periostitis, periphrasis, periproctitis, peris, peristalsis, peritonitis, perityphlitis, persis, personalis, pertussis, pervis, pharmacognosis, pharyngitis, phasis, phimosis, phlebitis, phlogosis, phoronis, photosynthesis, phototaxis, phrenitis, phthiriasis, phthisis, phyllomorphosis, phyllotaxis, phylogenesis, physis, phytogenesis, piccalillis, pityriasis, planorbis, plasmapheresis, pleurapophysis, pleuritis, pneumoconiosis, pneumonitis, polaris, poliomyelitis, polis, polygenesis, polymorphosis, polysynthesis, pontlevis, portcullis, postzygapophysis, potpourris, pouldavis, praezygapophysis, praxis, precis, prepubis, prezygapophysis, pris, proboscis, procatarxis, procris, proctitis, proemptosis, proglottis, prognosis, prolepsis, promuscis, prophasis, prophylaxis, propolis, prosphysis, prostatitis, prosthesis, protasis, proteolysis, prothesis, prytanis, pseudoblepsis, pseudoparalysis, psoriasis, psychanalysis, psychoanalysis, psychogenesis, psychokinesis, psychoneurosis, psychosis, psychosynthesis, pterylosis, ptilosis, ptosis, ptyxis, pubis, pyelitis, pyramis, pyrolysis, pyrosis, pyxis, quais, rabbis, rabelais, rachis, rachitis, rais, ranis, raspis, raviolis, reanalysis, rectitis, reemphasis, regenesis, reis, relais, retinitis, reversis, rhachis, rhachitis, rhinitis, rhizotaxis, rigatonis, ris, rishis, safaris, sakis, salamis, salmagundis, salmis, salpingitis, samurais, sanseis, sarcobasis, sarcosis, saris, sashimis, satoris, satyriasis, saudis, scepsis, schesis, schindylesis, schizogenesis, scleriasis, scleritis, sclerosis, sclerotitis, scoliosis, semiaxis, semiosis, semis, sepsis, serapis, shamois, shanghais, shantis, sherris, shikaris, shojis, shoshonis, siderosis, silicosis, sinapis, sinopis, sinusitis, siphilis, siriasis, sis, skepsis, skiis, skis, sofis, sophis, sorosis, spermatogenesis, sphrigosis, splanchnapophysis, splenitis, sporogenesis, spumonis, stasis, stegnosis, stenosis, stephanotis, stomatitis, stypsis, sukiyakis, superminis, swamis, sycosis, syllepsis, symbiosis, symphysis, synaeresis, synanthesis, synapsis, synartesis, synarthrosis, synaxis, synchondrosis, synchoresis, synchysis, syncrisis, syndesmosis, synecphonesis, syneresis, synesis, syngenesis, synizesis, synneorosis, synopsis, synosteosis, synostosis, synovitis, syntaxis, synteresis, synthesis, syphilis, syrtis, syssarcosis, systasis, taeniasis, tallis, tamis, tapetis, tapis, tappis, taranis, tatamis, taxis, telangiectasis, telekinesis, telesis, tendonitis, tendosynovitis, teniasis, tennis, tenonitis, tenositis, tenosynovitis, tenuis, teocallis, teratosis, teriyakis, testis, thanatopsis, themis, thermolysis, thermoneurosis, thermotaxis, thesis, thigmotaxis, this, thlipsis, thoracentesis, thrombosis, tigris, tikis, tingis, tipis, tis, tmesis, tomopteris, tonsilitis, tonsillitis, torticollis, totalis, tournois, tracheitis, trachitis, trais, travois, trellis, tretis, trichiasis, trichiniasis, trichinosis, tripsis, trois, tsunamis, tsuris, tuberculosis, tunis, turkeis, turkis, turkois, turquois, tussis, tylosis, tympanitis, typhlitis, tyrannis, tzitzis, tzuris, uglis, unguis, ureteritis, urethritis, urinalysis, utis, uvulitis, vadis, vaginitis, varicosis, vaudois, veneris, venturis, verdigris, vesiculitis, vis, vitis, vulvitis, wadis, wakikis, wapitis, whoosis, whosis, wis, xanthosis, xenogenesis, xerosis, xyris, yanquis, yetis, yis, yoginis, yogis, yonis, ywis, zaphrentis, zitis, zombis, zucchinis, zunis, zygapophysis, zygosis, zymolysis, zymosis,

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