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English words ending with "ines"

aborigines, airlines, albugines, alexandrines, alines, almandines, alpines, alumines, amines, amphetamines, anilines, anticlines, antihistamines, apennines, aquamarines, argentines, astatines, barkentines, baselines, beelines, beguines, beltlines, benzines, bines, bloodlines, borderlines, bovines, bowlines, brigantines, brines, bromines, bylines, caffeines, calamines, calcimines, calcines, canines, carbines, cardines, carmines, celandines, chaines, chatelaines, chines, chlorines, chorines, cines, citrines, clotheslines, coastlines, cocaines, codeines, columbines, combines, concubines, confines, cosines, crinolines, cuisines, cutlines, datelines, deadlines, declines, defines, demimondaines, dentines, destines, determines, dines, disciplines, disinclines, divines, doctrines, domines, draglines, ecardines, eglantines, engines, enshrines, entwines, equines, ermines, examines, famines, fanzines, felines, feminines, figurines, fines, fishlines, flamines, florentines, fluorines, foramines, gabardines, gaberdines, gamines, gascoines, gasolines, gelatines, geosynclines, glassines, grapevines, grenadines, guidelines, guillotines, hairlines, hanselines, headlines, hemlines, heroines, histamines, illumines, imagines, incarnadines, inclines, inshrines, interlines, intertwines, intestines, intwines, iodines, isoclines, jasmines, jawlines, kines, lanolines, latrines, libertines, lifelines, limousines, lines, linguines, longlines, lovevines, lupines, machines, magazines, mainlines, malines, marines, masculines, medicines, melamines, mezzanines, midlines, migraines, mines, misdefines, monkeyshines, moraines, morphines, murines, necklines, nectarines, nervines, neuvaines, nicotines, nines, olivines, opines, orpines, oscines, outlines, outshines, overinclines, overrefines, ovines, palatines, pennines, pepsines, philippines, philistines, pines, pipelines, porcupines, pralines, predestines, predetermines, preexamines, ptomaines, quarantines, quinines, rapines, ratlines, ravines, reclines, recombines, redefines, redetermines, redlines, reexamines, refines, relines, repines, romaines, rooflines, routines, sabines, salines, saltines, sanguines, sardines, secondines, secundines, seines, sestines, setlines, shines, shorelines, shrines, sidelines, sines, skylines, spines, splines, starblowlines, storylines, streamlines, subdisciplines, submarines, subroutines, sunshines, supines, synclines, tambourines, tangerines, tapelines, taurines, teredines, terrines, testicardines, testudines, thiamines, thymines, timberlines, tines, towlines, tramlines, trampolines, trephines, trines, trotlines, turbines, twines, underlines, undermines, undines, urines, vaccines, valentines, vertigines, vines, vitamines, vitrines, wahines, waistlines, whines, wines, wolverines, woodbines,

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