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English words ending with "ine"

abietine, aborigine, acacine, acalycine, acanthine, acarine, acauline, accipitrine, acervuline, acetylcholine, acolyctine, aconitine, adamantine, adenine, adenosine, adrenaline, adulterine, affine, agatine, airline, alabastrine, alanine, aldine, alexandrine, algerine, aline, alizarine, alkaline, almandine, almondine, alpestrine, alphonsine, alpine, altheine, alumine, alvine, amandine, amanitine, amaranthine, amarine, amethystine, amine, ammine, amphetamine, amygdaline, anatine, andesine, andine, angevine, anguine, aniline, animalculine, annotine, anserine, antalkaline, anticline, antifebrine, antihistamine, antilopine, antipyrine, antisubmarine, antitoxine, apennine, apocodeine, apomorphine, aquamarine, aquiline, ardassine, arecoline, argentamine, argentine, arginine, aricine, armozine, arnicine, arpine, arshine, arsine, asbestine, ashine, asinine, asparagine, astatine, atherine, atropine, aubaine, augustine, austrine, aventine, aventurine, azine, azotine, azurine, baculine, balaustine, balsamine, bandoline, banjorine, barbotine, barkantine, barkentine, barquentine, baseline, bebeerine, bebirine, beeline, beguine, bellarmine, belluine, beltline, benedictine, benzedrine, benzine, benzocaine, benzoline, berberine, bernardine, beryline, berylline, beshine, betaine, bibirine, biforine, bine, biomedicine, bipontine, bismuthine, bizantine, bloodline, bocasine, bombasine, bombazine, borderline, bottine, bovine, bowline, brabantine, brandywine, brankursine, brigandine, brigantine, brilliantine, brine, bromine, bronzine, brucine, bubaline, buntine, buntline, butterine, butylamine, buxine, byline, byssine, byzantine, caballine, cacaine, cadaverine, caffeine, calabarine, calamine, calcarine, calcimine, calcine, calycine, cambrasine, camphine, cancrine, canine, cannabine, cantine, capitoline, cappadine, cappeline, capreoline, caprine, capsicine, capucine, carabine, carbamine, carbine, cardamine, carline, carmine, caroline, catarrhine, catharine, catherine, cauline, cedrine, celandine, celestine, centerline, ceratine, cervine, cespitine, chatelaine, chelerythrine, chinaldine, chine, chinoidine, chinoline, chioppine, chlorine, chloriodine, chlorpromazine, cholerine, choline, chopine, chorine, christine, chrysaniline, chryselephantine, chrysoidine, cinchonidine, cinchonine, cine, cinnabarine, cinnoline, circuline, cisalpine, citrine, clandestine, clementine, clepsine, cline, clothesline, coastline, cobaltine, cocaine, codeine, colbertine, colchicine, collidine, colline, colubrine, columbine, combine, compline, conchinine, concubine, coneine, confine, conhydrine, coniine, conine, consanguine, contline, conyrine, coralline, coridine, corolline, corrovaline, corticine, corvine, cosine, cosmoline, cotarnine, countermine, covelline, cowkine, crapaudine, crepusculine, crinoline, crotaline, crotonine, cryptidine, cryptocrystalline, cryptopine, crystalline, cuisine, cumidine, curarine, cyanine, cyclazocine, cymidine, cyprine, cystine, cytosine, dasyurine, dateline, daturine, dauphine, deadline, decine, decline, define, delaine, deline, delphine, delphinine, demimondaine, dentine, dereine, dermatine, desmine, destine, determine, diamantine, diamine, didine, diethylamine, dietine, diffine, dine, diophantine, dipyridine, discipline, disentwine, disincline, dispoline, divine, doctrine, domine, doucine, dourine, dracontine, dragantine, dragline, draine, dramamine, duboisine, dwine, eburnine, ecboline, ecgonine, echidnine, eglantine, elaine, elaphine, elapine, electrine, elephantine, emeraldine, emetine, endocrine, endoctrine, engine, enlumine, ensanguine, enshrine, entwine, ephedrine, epinephrine, equine, ergotine, ermine, erthine, erythrine, erythrophleine, escharine, eserine, estuarine, esurine, etamine, ethine, ethmovomerine, ethylamine, euchlorine, eugubine, examine, exocrine, exsanguine, extermine, extine, extrauterine, falconine, famine, fanzine, fascine, feine, feline, feminine, ferine, ferrandine, fescennine, festennine, festucine, fibrine, figuline, figurine, fine, fishline, flavaniline, flavine, florentine, fluocerine, fluorine, fordwine, foredetermine, forpine, fringilline, fuchsine, fulmine, fumarine, furfurine, fuscine, gabardine, gaberdine, galantine, gallamine, gamine, ganoine, gantline, gasoline, gelatine, gelsemine, gentianine, genuine, geomedicine, geosyncline, geraniine, geranine, ghibelline, gigantine, girtline, gismondine, glassine, glaucine, glonoine, glutamine, glutazine, glycerine, glycosine, glyoxaline, gnoscopine, gobline, gradine, gralline, grapevine, gregarine, grenadine, guanidine, guanine, guaranine, guideline, guillotine, gutturine, haberdine, hairline, haloxyline, harmaline, harmine, hatchettine, headline, helicine, hellespontine, helvine, hemline, heptine, herakline, heroine, hexactinelline, hexine, hine, hipline, hircine, hirudine, hirundine, histamine, holocrine, holocrystalline, homatropine, hopbine, hornotine, hotline, houseline, hyacine, hyacinthine, hyaline, hydramine, hydrastine, hydrazine, hydroxylamine, hygrine, hyoscine, hyoscyamine, hypocrystalline, hystricine, idrialine, igasurine, illumine, imagine, incarnadine, incline, incombine, indiscipline, indoaniline, induline, infantine, inlumine, inquiline, inshrine, intercolline, interline, intermine, internecine, intertwine, intestine, intextine, intine, intrauterine, intwine, iodine, iodoquinine, iridoline, iridosmine, isabelline, isocline, isonicotine, jaborine, jacobine, jacqueline, jamaicine, jasmine, jawline, jervine, jessamine, josephine, juglandine, kairine, kairoline, kalsomine, kaoline, katharine, katherine, keelivine, kerasine, kerosine, ketine, kine, laburnine, labyrinthine, lacertine, lacustrine, lampyrine, landgravine, lanoline, lanthopine, larine, latrine, laudanine, laurestine, legantine, legatine, lemurine, leonine, lepidine, leporine, leptorhine, leucaniline, leucoline, leucomaine, levantine, libertine, lifeline, limicoline, limousine, line, linguine, lobeline, longipennine, longline, lophine, lorettine, lumine, lupine, lupinine, lupuline, lurchline, lutidine, lycine, lydine, lysine, macedoine, machine, magazine, maine, mainline, malengine, maline, maltine, mandoline, marceline, margarine, margravine, marine, marline, marteline, masculine, masseterine, matriline, matrimoine, matutine, maudeline, mauvaniline, mauveine, mauvine, mazarine, meconidine, mediastine, medicine, meine, melamine, melaniline, meleagrine, menispermine, mescaline, mesorhine, metalline, methamphetamine, methylamine, mezzanine, microcline, microcrystalline, midline, migraine, milvine, mine, misdefine, misincline, misseldine, moelline, moline, molossine, monamine, monkeyshine, monocline, moonshine, moraine, morphine, moschine, mouline, mousseline, murine, murrhine, muscadine, muscardine, muscicapine, musteline, mutine, mydaleine, myrmicine, myrmotherine, myrrhine, mytilotoxine, myxine, nandine, naphthalidine, naphthaline, naphthylamine, narceine, narcissine, narcotine, nardine, narine, nasopalatine, neckline, nectarine, nemaline, neossine, nepheline, nervine, neurine, nickeline, nicotianine, nicotidine, nicotine, nigraniline, nigrine, nigrosine, nine, nitraniline, nitratine, nitroglycerine, noctilucine, nodosarine, noncrystalline, nonpasserine, norbertine, novocaine, observantine, odorline, oleandrine, olefine, oleomargarine, olivine, omphacine, opaline, opianine, opine, organzine, orphaline, orpheline, orpine, oscine, oscinine, osteodentine, ouarine, outline, outshine, outtwine, overincline, overrefine, overshine, ovine, oxalethyline, oxaline, oxamidine, oxyneurine, oxyquinoline, oxyrrhodine, paeonine, paine, palatine, palestine, palsgravine, paludine, palustrine, pantherine, papaverine, papyrine, paraconine, paraffine, paragrandine, pardine, parietine, parkesine, parvoline, passerine, patine, pauline, pavonine, paytine, pebrine, pelegrine, pelerine, penduline, pentine, peperine, pepsine, peptotoxine, percaline, perdicine, peregrine, periuterine, perivitelline, petaline, petrine, petroline, petrostearine, phalangistine, phanerocrystalline, phenacetine, phenanthridine, phenanthroline, phenicine, phenothiazine, phenylamine, philippine, philistine, phloramine, phocine, phosphine, phycocyanine, phycoerythrine, phycophaeine, phycoxanthine, phyllorhine, physostigmine, picine, picoline, picotine, pilocarpine, pine, pipeline, piperazine, piperidine, piperine, pipevine, piprine, piscine, platyrhine, plicidentine, polverine, polycystine, pomarine, pomptine, pontine, porcine, porcupine, porpentine, postpalatine, poulaine, praline, predefine, predestine, predetermine, preexamine, prefine, primine, pristine, procaine, procrastine, propine, protogine, protopine, provine, pseudoephedrine, pterygopalatine, ptomaine, pulverine, purine, purline, pyrazine, pyrethrine, pyridine, pyrimidine, pyrrhotine, pyrroline, qraspine, quarantine, quartine, quinaldine, quinicine, quinidine, quinine, quinizine, quinoidine, quinoline, quinoxaline, quintine, quinzaine, rabatine, ralline, ramline, ranine, rapine, ratline, ravine, recline, recombine, redefine, redetermine, redline, reexamine, refine, reguline, reillumine, reline, relumine, renardine, repine, reserpine, resupine, rhabarbarine, rhadamanthine, rhaponticine, rhine, rhinolophine, rhizine, ricinine, rine, riverine, romaine, rombowline, romeine, roofline, rosaniline, roseine, rosmarine, routine, rubidine, rucervine, rudolphine, rugine, rumbowline, rupicoline, rusine, sabine, saccharine, safranine, salamandrine, saline, saltine, sanguine, sanidine, saponine, sapphirine, sarcoline, sardine, sarrasine, sassoline, saturnine, savine, saxicoline, sciurine, scolopacine, scolopendrine, scopeline, scopolamine, scrine, secundine, seine, semicrystalline, semidivine, semitontine, sentine, sepaline, seraphine, serine, serotine, serpentine, servaline, sestine, shine, shoreline, shrine, sibylline, sideline, signorine, sinamine, sinapine, sinapoline, sincaline, sine, sistine, sittine, skeine, skyline, smaltine, smaragdine, socotrine, solanicine, solanidine, solanine, sonatine, sopsavine, sordine, soricine, sparteine, spine, spline, stannine, staphyline, starshine, stenodermine, stibine, storyline, streamline, strepsorhine, strigine, strobiline, struthionine, strychnine, subalpine, subapennine, subcrystalline, subdiscipline, subdivine, submachine, submarine, subroutine, subsaline, succubine, suilline, suine, sulphine, sulphurine, sunshine, superfine, supine, swine, sycamine, sylphine, sylvicoline, sylvine, synallaxine, syncline, taborine, tambourine, tamine, tanagrine, tangerine, tapeline, tartarine, tartrazine, taurine, taxine, teine, tercine, terebinthine, teredine, termine, terrine, tetracycline, tetrazine, textrine, thalline, theatine, thebaine, theine, theobromine, thermifugine, thetine, thialdine, thiamine, thine, thionine, thionoline, thylacine, thymine, tichorrhine, tigerine, tigrine, timaline, timberline, timburine, tine, tobine, toluidine, tolypeutine, tontine, torrentine, tourmaline, towline, toxine, tramline, trampoline, transalpine, transmarine, transpalatine, travertine, trephine, triamine, tridentine, triethylamine, trimethylamine, trine, triphyline, tripoline, trochantine, tropeine, tropidine, tropine, tumpline, turbine, turmaline, turpentine, twine, tyrotoxine, ukraine, ultramarine, umbrine, uncombine, undefine, underline, undermine, undine, unfeminine, unline, untwine, urine, ursine, ursuline, uterine, vaccine, valentine, valeridine, valeritrine, vaseline, vasodentine, vaticine, venine, venturine, veratralbine, veratrine, verdine, verine, vernine, versine, vesicouterine, vespertilionine, vespertine, vesuvine, vicine, victorine, vine, violaniline, violine, viperine, viridine, vitamine, vitelline, vitrine, vituline, viverrine, vomerine, vomicine, vulpine, vulturine, wahine, waistline, warine, whine, wine, withvine, withwine, wolverine, woodbine, wrightine, xanthine, xanthinine, xanthopuccine, xenurine, xylidine, yeldrine, zebrine, zooerythrine,

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