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English words ending with "ified"

acetified, acidified, aerified, alkalified, amplified, anglified, basified, beatified, beautified, brutified, calcified, capacified, certified, citified, clarified, classified, coalified, codified, cornified, countrified, crucified, daintified, dandified, deacidified, decalcified, decertified, declassified, dehumidified, deified, denazified, densified, detoxified, dignified, disglorified, disqualified, diversified, dulcified, edified, electrified, emulsified, etherified, exemplified, falsified, fortified, frenchified, fructified, gasified, glatified, glorified, gratified, horrified, humidified, identified, ignified, indemnified, instratified, intensified, interstratified, jellified, jollified, justified, lapidified, lignified, magnified, malignified, mercurified, metrified, minified, misclassified, misidentified, modified, mollified, mortified, multiramified, mummified, mystified, nazified, nitrified, nonunified, notified, nullified, opacified, ossified, overdiversified, overmagnified, overmodified, overqualified, oversimplified, pacified, personified, petrified, presanctified, presignified, prettified, pretypified, princified, purified, qualified, quantified, ramified, rancidified, rarified, ratified, reclassified, rectified, refortified, reified, remodified, renotified, repacified, reunified, reverified, revivified, rigidified, russified, saccharified, salified, sanctified, saponified, scarified, scorified, semiacidified, semilapidified, semipetrified, semivitrified, signified, silicified, simplified, sissified, solidified, specified, speechified, stratified, stultified, suavified, subclassified, syllabified, tackified, terrified, testified, torpified, toxified, transmogrified, trustified, typified, uglified, unamplified, uncertified, unclarified, unclassified, undignified, undiversified, unfortified, unidentified, unified, unindemnified, unjustified, unmagnified, unmodified, unmollified, unossified, unpacified, unpurified, unqualified, unrectified, unsanctified, unspecified, unstratified, unterrified, unverified, verbified, verified, versified, vilified, vitrified, vivified, wittified, zincified,

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