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English words ending with "ges"

abridges, acknowledges, acreages, adages, adjudges, advantages, afterimages, ages, alienages, alleges, ambages, amperages, anchorages, appanages, appendages, apteryges, arbitrages, arranges, asperges, assemblages, assuages, astringes, auberges, avenges, averages, bacteriophages, badges, badinages, baggages, bandages, barges, baronages, barrages, begrudges, beiges, besieges, beverages, bilges, binges, birdcages, blancmanges, blindages, blockages, blunges, boanerges, bondages, borages, boskages, brakeages, breakages, brewages, bridges, brokages, brokerages, budges, bulges, bulkages, buoyages, cabbages, cadges, cages, camouflages, carnages, carriages, cartages, cartilages, cartridges, centrifuges, challenges, changes, chantages, charges, cleavages, coccyges, coinages, collages, colleges, compages, concierges, converges, cordages, corkages, corsages, corteges, cottages, courages, coverages, cowages, creepages, cribbages, cringes, cubages, cuttages, dagges, damages, deluges, demiurges, demurrages, deranges, deterges, dirges, disadvantages, disarranges, discharges, discourages, disengages, disgorges, dislodges, disobliges, disparages, diverges, divulges, dockages, dodges, doges, dosages, dotages, drainages, drawbridges, drayages, dredges, dressages, driftages, drudges, dunnages, edges, effulges, emerges, empennages, encages, encourages, endamages, engages, engorges, enlarges, enrages, ensilages, entourages, envisages, equipages, escuages, estranges, exchanges, expunges, featheredges, febrifuges, flanges, fledges, floatages, floorages, flowages, foggages, foliages, footages, footbridges, forages, forges, forjudges, fridges, fringes, fromages, frontages, fruitages, fudges, fuselages, gages, ganges, garages, garbages, gauges, gorges, gouges, graftages, granges, grillages, grudges, hedges, hemorrhages, herbages, heritages, hermitages, hinges, hodgepodges, homages, horologes, hostages, images, impinges, incages, indulges, infringes, interchanges, intermarriages, interreges, judges, kedges, kludges, languages, larges, larynges, lavages, leakages, ledges, leges, leverages, lieges, limoges, linages, lineages, linkages, lockages, lodges, loges, longes, lounges, lovages, lozenges, luges, luggages, lunges, mages, manages, manges, marges, marriages, massages, mattages, melanges, meltages, menages, meninges, merges, messages, meterages, midges, midranges, milages, mileages, mirages, misarranges, miscarriages, mischarges, misjudges, mismanages, mismarriages, montages, moorages, mortgages, mucilages, nonages, nudges, obliges, ohmages, oranges, orphanages, osages, outages, outdodges, outrages, outranges, overages, overcharges, overindulges, packages, pages, parsonages, partridges, passages, peerages, peonages, percentages, personages, phages, phalanges, pharynges, pilgrimages, pillages, pilotages, pipeages, plages, pledges, plottages, plumages, plunges, plussages, porridges, portages, postages, potages, pottages, poundages, prearranges, preengages, prejudges, prepackages, presages, prestiges, privileges, prolonges, promulges, proteges, purges, quayages, rages, rampages, ranges, ravages, rearranges, recharges, reemerges, reengages, reenlarges, reexchanges, reforges, refuges, regauges, reges, rehinges, rejudges, remarriages, remiges, remortgages, reneges, repackages, reportages, restages, resurges, revenges, ridges, rouges, roughages, rummages, sabotages, sages, salvages, sarges, sausages, savages, scavenges, scourges, scrimmages, scrooges, scrounges, sedges, seepages, selvages, selvedges, serfages, serges, sewages, sewerages, shortages, shortchanges, shrinkages, sieges, silages, singes, sinkages, sledges, slippages, sludges, smudges, soilages, solfeges, sphinges, splurges, spoilages, sponges, springes, stages, steerages, stodges, stooges, stoppages, storages, stowages, straightedges, striges, submerges, subterfuges, suffrages, supercharges, surcharges, surges, swages, swinges, syringes, tankages, tannages, tentages, tillages, tinges, tollages, tonnages, towages, trackages, triages, trudges, tutelages, tutorages, twinges, ullages, umbrages, uncharges, underages, undercarriages, undercharges, unhinges, upstages, upsurges, urges, usages, vantages, venges, verbiages, verges, vermifuges, vestiges, vicarages, villages, vintages, visages, voltages, voyages, wages, wastages, wattages, wedges, wharfages, windages, wordages, wreckages, yardages,

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