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English words ending with "fy"

acetify, acidify, adsignify, aerify, affy, alacrify, alkalify, ammonify, amplify, angelify, anglicify, anglify, arefy, argufy, baffy, balmify, basify, beatify, beautify, beefy, biffy, bluffy, bonify, brutify, buffy, calcify, calefy, candify, capacify, carnify, celestify, certify, chaffy, chondrify, chuffy, chylify, chymify, citify, clarify, classify, cliffy, coalify, cockneyfy, codify, comfy, consignify, cornify, corporify, correctify, countrify, crucify, cuffy, daffy, daintify, damnify, dandify, decalcify, declassify, defy, dehumidify, deify, demideify, denazify, denitrify, densify, detoxify, devitrify, dezincify, diabolify, dignify, disacidify, disdeify, disedify, disglorify, disguisedfy, disqualify, dissatisfy, dissyllabify, diversify, divinify, domify, draffy, duffy, dulcify, duncify, dwarfy, edify, electrify, emulsify, endamnify, eternify, etherify, exemplify, falsify, fecundify, finify, fishify, fluffy, foolify, foresignify, fortify, frenchify, fructify, fuffy, fumify, fy, gasify, giffy, glorify, goofy, gratify, gruffy, gulfy, hornify, horrify, huffy, humanify, humidify, identify, iffy, ignify, indemnify, indignify, intensify, interstratify, jellify, jiffy, jollify, justify, labefy, ladify, lapidify, leafy, lenify, lignify, liquefy, liquify, madefy, magnify, malignify, mercify, mercurify, metrify, miffy, minify, misclassify, misidentify, modify, mollify, mortify, mummify, mundify, munify, mystify, nazify, neatify, netify, nitrify, nobilify, notify, nugify, nullify, objectify, obstupefy, omnify, opacify, ossify, overdiversify, overmagnify, overmodify, oversimplify, pacify, personify, petrify, preachify, presignify, prettify, pretypify, puffy, purify, putrefy, putrify, qualify, quantify, ramify, rarefy, rarify, ratify, recarnify, reclassify, rectify, reedify, reefy, refortify, reify, remodify, renotify, repacify, repurify, reunify, reverify, revivify, rigidify, roofy, rubify, russify, saccharify, salify, salsafy, salsify, sanctify, sanguify, saponify, satisfy, scarify, scorify, scruffy, scurfy, sheafy, shelfy, signify, silicify, simplify, sniffy, snuffy, solidify, specify, speechify, spiffy, squiffy, stellify, stiltify, storify, stratify, stuffy, stultify, stupefy, stupify, suavify, subclassify, subdiversify, surfy, syllabify, tabefy, tackify, taffy, tepefy, terrestrify, terrify, testify, tipsify, toffy, torpify, torrefy, toxify, transmogrify, tumefy, turfy, typify, uglify, undeify, unglorify, unify, unnotify, unqualify, varify, verbify, verify, versify, vilify, vitrify, vivify, woofy, zincify, zinkify,

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