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English words ending with "etic"

abietic, abiogenetic, acetic, aesthetic, agamogenetic, agonothetic, alexipyretic, aloetic, alphabetic, amuletic, anaesthetic, anchoretic, anesthetic, anetic, anoetic, antemetic, antiemetic, antimagnetic, antipathetic, antipyretic, antiscoletic, antisplenetic, antithetic, apatetic, apathetic, aphetic, apologetic, apyretic, arithmetic, ascetic, asyndetic, athletic, auletic, autogenetic, autokinetic, auxetic, balletic, bathetic, biogenetic, biomagnetic, boletic, camphretic, catechetic, catheretic, cetic, chylopoetic, colletic, cometic, cosmetic, cosmothetic, cretic, cybernetic, cytogenetic, diabetic, diaeretic, diamagnetic, dianoetic, diaphoretic, diarrhetic, diarrhoetic, diathetic, dietetic, dietic, diploetic, dipsetic, diuretic, docetic, dysesthetic, eidetic, electromagnetic, electrophoretic, emetic, empathetic, emporetic, endogenetic, energetic, enuretic, epenetic, epenthetic, epigenetic, epithetic, epithumetic, esthetic, ethopoetic, eugetic, exegetic, exogenetic, ferromagnetic, fisetic, frenetic, galactopoietic, gametic, gamogenetic, gangetic, genetic, geodetic, geomagnetic, gyromagnetic, haemapoietic, helvetic, heretic, hermetic, herpetic, heterogenetic, histogenetic, homiletic, homogenetic, hydrokinetic, hyperkinetic, hypothetic, hysteretic, ideogenetic, ideokinetic, idiopathetic, inergetic, ischuretic, japhetic, karyokinetic, kenogenetic, kinaesthetic, kinesthetic, kinetic, kismetic, logarithmetic, magnetic, masoretic, metagenetic, metathetic, metic, mimetic, monogenetic, monophyletic, morphogenetic, mythopoetic, noetic, nomothetic, nonathletic, nonmagnetic, nonpoetic, nosopoetic, onomatopoetic, ontogenetic, osteogenetic, ouretic, oxyacetic, paedogenetic, palingenetic, pangenetic, paramagnetic, parasympathetic, parasynthetic, parathetic, parenetic, parenthetic, paretic, parietic, parthenogenetic, pathetic, pathogenetic, perigenetic, peripatetic, phloretic, phonetic, photomagnetic, photosynthetic, phrenetic, phylogenetic, planetic, plethoretic, poetic, polygenetic, polyphyletic, polysyndetic, polysynthetic, preanesthetic, prophetic, prosthetic, prothetic, psychotomimetic, pyretic, pyroacetic, pyromagnetic, rhetic, schetic, spermatogenetic, splenetic, strategetic, sympathetic, synaesthetic, syncretic, syndetic, synergetic, synesthetic, synteretic, synthetic, tabetic, teratogenetic, theopathetic, theoretic, threnetic, unaesthetic, unapologetic, unesthetic, unpoetic, unsympathetic, uretic, uropoetic, xenogenetic, xyletic, zetetic,

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