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English words ending with "ees"

absentees, acceptees, addressees, adoptees, advisees, agrees, alienees, allottees, amputees, apogees, appellees, appointees, arrestees, ashantees, assignees, attendees, awardees, axletrees, banshees, bargees, beebees, bees, bootees, bouchees, bourrees, bumblebees, burgees, camporees, cees, cherokees, chickadees, chimpanzees, chutnees, coffees, committees, conferees, congees, consignees, cooees, corvees, coulees, crees, crosstrees, debauchees, decrees, dees, degrees, deportees, designees, detainees, devisees, devotees, disagrees, divorcees, donees, donnees, draftees, dragees, dungarees, electees, emcees, employees, endorsees, enlistees, enrollees, entrees, epees, escapees, esplees, evacuees, evictees, examinees, expellees, fees, fiancees, filagrees, filarees, filigrees, flees, foresees, franchisees, freebees, frees, fricassees, frisbees, fusees, fuzees, galilees, garnishees, gees, gelees, ghees, glees, goatees, grandees, grantees, grees, guarantees, gumtrees, hadjees, honeybees, honorees, indictees, indorsees, inductees, internees, interviewees, invitees, jamborees, jaycees, jaygees, jayvees, jubilees, killdees, knees, lees, legatees, lessees, levees, libelees, libellees, licencees, licensees, lichees, localitiees, lycees, lychees, maccabees, machrees, maharanees, manatees, marquees, matinees, melees, mortgagees, murderees, muscogees, muskogees, negligees, nominees, ogees, optionees, oversees, parolees, patentees, pawnees, payees, pedigrees, pees, peewees, pensees, perigees, pewees, pharisees, pledgees, pollees, pongees, prees, promisees, protegees, purees, puttees, pyrenees, ranees, referees, refugees, rejectees, repartees, retirees, returnees, rooftrees, rupees, salvagees, santees, sarees, screes, sees, selectees, settees, shawnees, shivarees, shoetrees, sightsees, singletrees, sirrees, soirees, spondees, sprees, squeegees, standees, subcommittees, suttees, teepees, tees, tepees, testees, threes, thuggees, toffees, toupees, towhees, trainees, trees, trochees, trustees, tutees, uchees, veepees, vees, vendees, vestees, vouchees, warrantees, weewees, whiffletrees, whoopees, yankees, yogees, zees,

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