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English words ending with "ct"

abduct, abject, abreact, abstract, acct, act, adact, addict, adduct, adject, adjunct, adstrict, affect, afflict, aftereffect, allect, anteact, antefact, aqueduct, architect, arrect, artefact, artifact, aspect, astrict, attract, autodidact, benedict, benefact, bisect, bract, byproduct, caliduct, caloriduct, cataphract, cataract, cathect, charact, circumduct, circumflect, circumspect, coact, coarct, coenact, collect, compact, complect, compunct, concoct, conduct, confect, conflict, confract, conject, conjunct, connect, constrict, construct, contact, contract, contradict, contradistinct, convect, convict, correct, counteract, ct, decoct, deconcoct, deduct, defect, deflect, defunct, deject, delict, deobstruct, depeinct, depict, derelict, derestrict, deselect, despect, destruct, detect, detract, detrect, dialect, dict, diffract, direct, disaffect, discinct, disconnect, disinfect, disjunct, dispunct, disrespect, dissect, distinct, distract, district, duct, edict, educt, effect, eject, elect, enact, endict, enfect, epact, erect, eruct, evict, exact, excoct, exect, expect, exsect, extinct, extract, extruct, fact, fract, genuflect, hemisect, humect, impact, imperfect, incircumspect, incoact, incompact, inconcoct, incorrect, indict, indirect, indistinct, induct, inexact, inextinct, infarct, infect, inflect, inflict, infract, inject, insect, inspect, instinct, instruct, insurrect, intact, intellect, interact, interconnect, interdict, interdistrict, interject, intersect, introduct, introject, introspect, invect, invict, jct, lect, malconduct, maledict, misact, misaffect, misconduct, misconstruct, miscorrect, misdirect, misinstruct, misrecollect, mulct, multisect, neglect, nonelect, obduct, object, obstruct, outact, overact, overaffect, overprotect, overreact, overstrict, oviduct, pact, palmatisect, pandect, pct, peract, perfect, periproct, pestiduct, playact, pluperfect, porrect, postact, postfact, preact, precinct, preconstruct, precontract, predict, predilect, preelect, preerect, prefect, preinstruct, prelect, preselect, preterimperfect, preterperfect, preterpluperfect, procinct, product, project, prospect, protect, protract, provect, react, recoct, recollect, recompact, reconduct, reconnect, reconstruct, recontract, redact, redirect, redistrict, reduct, reelect, reenact, reerect, refect, reflect, refract, reinduct, reinfect, reinspect, reinstruct, reject, relict, reluct, resect, respect, restrict, resurrect, retract, retraict, retroact, retrofract, retrospect, revict, sacrosanct, sect, select, semicompact, semierect, strict, subact, subcompact, subcontract, subdialect, subdistrict, subduct, subject, subnect, substract, substruct, subtract, succinct, superinspect, superstruct, suspect, tact, tinct, tract, traduct, traject, tranect, transact, transdialect, transect, trisect, uncorrect, underact, underconduct, undirect, unexact, unperfect, unpredict, unrespect, usufruct, ventiduct, verdict, viaduct, vivisect, wordperfect,

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