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English words ending with "ches"

aches, aitches, apaches, approaches, arches, attaches, avalanches, avouches, backaches, backstretches, barouches, batches, beaches, beeches, belches, bellyaches, benches, beseeches, besmirches, bewitches, birches, bitches, blanches, bleaches, blenches, blotches, blowtorches, boches, botches, branches, breaches, breeches, brioches, britches, broaches, brooches, brunches, bullfinches, bunches, butches, caches, capoches, cartouches, catches, chaffinches, ches, chiches, chinches, churches, cinches, clenches, cliches, clinches, cloches, clutches, coaches, cockroaches, comanches, conches, couches, cranches, creches, crosshatches, crosspatches, crotches, crouches, crunches, crutches, deathwatches, debauches, debouches, demarches, despatches, detaches, dispatches, ditches, dogwatches, douches, drenches, earaches, encroaches, enriches, entrenches, etches, fetches, fiches, filches, finches, fitches, flanches, fleches, flenches, fletches, flinches, flitches, frenches, glitches, goldfinches, gouaches, grouches, gulches, hatches, haunches, headaches, heartaches, hemstitches, hitches, homestretches, hooches, hootches, huaraches, hunches, hutches, impeaches, inches, intrenches, itches, ketches, keypunches, kirsches, kitsches, klatches, klatsches, kvetches, laches, larches, latches, launches, leaches, leches, leeches, letches, loaches, lunches, lurches, lynches, marches, matches, menarches, mensches, microfiches, mismatches, mooches, moustaches, muches, mulches, munches, mustaches, nautches, niches, nonesuches, nonsuches, notches, nuthatches, ostriches, ouches, outmarches, outreaches, outstretches, overarches, overmatches, overmuches, overreaches, overstretches, panaches, parches, pastiches, patches, paunches, peaches, penuches, perches, pinches, pitches, poaches, pooches, porches, pouches, preaches, psyches, punches, putsches, quenches, quiches, ranches, reaches, reattaches, reintrenches, rematches, reproaches, researches, retches, reteaches, retouches, retrenches, riches, roaches, sandwiches, scatches, scorches, scotches, scratches, screeches, scrunches, seabeaches, searches, seiches, sketches, slouches, smirches, smooches, snatches, snitches, speeches, spetches, spinaches, splotches, squelches, squinches, stagecoaches, stanches, starches, staunches, stenches, stitches, stomachaches, stopwatches, stretches, subbranches, swatches, switches, teaches, tenches, thatches, toothaches, torches, touches, tovariches, trenches, troches, tusches, twitches, ultrafiches, unclenches, unhitches, unlatches, upreaches, vetches, vouches, watches, welches, wenches, winches, witches, workbenches, wrenches, wretches, wristwatches, zilches,

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